Published on 2 April 2024

    The NUHS App has enhanced over 700,000 patients’ care journey across the 14 institutions under the National University Health System (NUHS).

    The NUHS App has transformed the way patients access NUHS healthcare services, providing a seamless blend of physical and digital experiences. Since its launch in April 2021, NUHS App has enhanced care delivery by bridging the gap between traditional hospital visits and modern digital convenience.

    “Originally conceived as the digital front door, the app has evolved into a powerful care companion that transcends transactional functionality”, said Ms Clara Sin, Chief Operating Officer, Group Service Transformation, NUHS. “Over the past few years, we've continuously enriched its features to empower patients in managing their health proactively.”

    Developed with patients in mind, the app team engaged both staff and patients from the early design stages. “Since inception, our priority has been on developing an app that addresses the genuine needs of our patients — so that we can develop a product that will garner their trust and appreciation,” said Ms Sin. “To do that, we conducted shadowing sessions, engaged directly with patients, performed rigorous user testing and solicited feedback from our diverse staff members across various roles.”

    Leveraging on technology and automation, the app has elevated patients’ experience to new levels.

    - Ms Clara Sin

    “The app has empowered patients and their caregivers to complete routine registration, appointment scheduling, and payment tasks, which enables our staff to focus on engaging our patients more effectively, and delivering co-ordinated care for them,” said Ms Sin.

    5 Benefits of the NUHS App

    1. Save time with self-service appointment management

    Patients can manage their appointments easily and quickly via the app without having to endure long wait times to speak with a Contact Centre agent. On the day of their appointment, patients can register and get their queue number upon arrival at the clinic. By knowing how many patients are ahead in queue, they can better gauge waiting times and manage their time effectively.

    2. Save travelling time and cost with in-app TeleConsult

    Eligible patients can consult their care team from the comfort of their homes, saving them traveling time and cost. Patients can easily access details of their TeleConsult appointments, receive timely reminders, and even generate TeleConsult links for caregivers to join from their own devices.

    3. Never forget bill payment

    The app prompts patients to make payment conveniently through the app as soon as their bill is generated and they can obtain a copy of their final invoice on the app. With multiple payment options available on the app, patients can choose the method that best suits their preferences and needs. 

    4. Medical records all in one place

    The NUHS App provides a secure place for patients’ medical records, making it easier for them to access and manage their care. They can request and receive their medical reports through the app, check their medication details, view test results, get digital Medical Certificates and review a summary of their health condition.

    5. Stay healthy with personalised care plans

    Doctors can assign personalised care plans via the NUHS App, customising tasks to help patients actively participate in managing their health.

    Created with the future in mind

    In the future, the app will be integrated with NUHS’ artificial intelligence platform Endeavour AI. “It will become the brain of the app and allow us to send targeted nudges to our patients to guide them towards adopting healthier lifestyles,” Ms Sin said.

    The app is available for free to anyone with a Singpass account. Download the NUHS App to enjoy a better care experience with NUHS today.

    In consultation with Ms Clara Sin, Chief Operating Officer, Group Service Transformation, NUHS.