Published on 1 August 2023

    Assistant Nurse Clinician Jessica Silon believes that ‘passion’ is key to success in the profession – and that is what she aims to inspire in new and aspiring nurses.

    One of Ms Jessica Silon's most cherished and enduring memories as a nurse at the National University Health System (NUHS) was when she was entrusted with the responsibility of leading a group of student nurses on attachment at the National University Hospital (NUH) Emergency Department (ED).

    Acting as a mentor to the 12 students during their five-day attachment, Ms Silon was tasked to show them the ropes of working in the high-octane environment of an ED.

    The Assistant Nurse Clinician (ANC) recounted, “During my clinical instructor service, I brought a group of nursing students to their subspecialty attachment in the ED. There, they got the opportunity to observe and feel the adrenaline rush during resuscitation and trauma management.”

    At the end of their attachment, most of the student nurses expressed their desire to follow in Ms Silon's footsteps and become ED nurses.

    “I think being able to experience the exciting and challenging life of a nurse in the ED, even though it was just for five days, had a profound impact on many of them,” Ms Silon mused.

    “But what warmed my heart was when they told me that my passion for the job had inspired them to pursue a career as an ED nurse.”

    Embarking on the education track

    Ironically, that episode served to bring Ms Silon one step further away from the ED, and one step closer towards the nursing education track that she currently is on.

    After all, the experience of guiding the student nurses only fuelled her long-standing interest in teaching. And so, when the opportunity to be part of the education team at Alexandra Hospital (AH) arose, she eagerly seized it.

    “Teaching has always been my passion, and I am glad that I am now in a position to share my knowledge and experience with aspiring nurses,” Ms Silon said.

    “As educators, we are responsible for building a strong foundation in our future nurses and helping them hone their skills through guided practice. 

    “The most rewarding part of educating fellow nurses is seeing them develop into confident, skilled, and compassionate healthcare professionals that make a positive impact on patient outcomes and the healthcare community as a whole."

    The importance of passion in nursing

    For Ms Silon, the most important quality that a nurse should possess is ‘passion’ for the profession.

    It is a trait that she is keen to emphasise to her students, as she explained, “You can’t just pick anyone from the street, put them in a nurse’s uniform, and expect them to perform the duties of a nurse.

    “You need the relevant medical skills and knowledge, of course, but what’s most important is the passion you have for the job. Only then will you be able to provide excellent treatment and care for patients.”

    A continuous learning journey

    With well-established nursing education units in the respective NUHS entities, as well as the recent establishment of the Centre of Nursing Excellence (CoNE), learning and development form the backbone of a nurse's journey at NUHS.

    That is why Ms Silon believes that NUHS is the place to be for young, budding nurses.

    She elaborated, “From my personal experience, NUHS is place of positive learning. There is a nurturing culture here, and young nurses are given fair opportunity to upskill themselves.”

    In consultation with Jessica Silon, Assistant Nurse Clinician, AH

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