Published on 24 July 2023

    Technology has the potential to improve hospital operations, from reducing workload to enhancing patient care. Assistant Nurse Clinician Sophia Saw sheds light on the crucial role nurses can play in bringing these innovations to life.

    When she was just starting out in her nursing career, Sophia Saw admitted that she was uncertain about which nursing track to pursue.

    Today, however, there is no doubt in her mind as to which track suits her best.

    After all, the professional journey that the Assistant Nurse Clinician at National University Hospital (NUH) is currently on has led her towards the exciting realms of innovation, technology, and creative problem-solving.

    The spark that started it all

    It all began when Ms Saw was assigned to the Emergency Department (ED). There, she was given the opportunity to review her department’s work processes, and played an instrumental role in implementing changes that significantly improved its operations.

    That experience sparked her interest in innovation, and so when the opportunity to be part of the technology and innovation team at National University Health System (NUHS) arose, she eagerly took it up. 

    It is a decision that she does not regret.

    Describing her experience in the NUHS innovation team, Ms Saw said, “It’s been challenging, but very exciting and fun as well. 

    “Getting to explore first-hand all these different innovations out in the market has been eye-opening. I also feel a sense of achievement when I help to bring in new technologies and innovations to the hospital that benefits our patients.”

    Developing a robot nurse

    One major project that Ms Saw is currently working on is the development of a robot nurse.

    The concept for this innovative technology emerged as a response to the need to alleviate the workload of nurses and enhance patient care.

    “The robot nurse is designed to assist nurses with mundane and routine tasks,” Ms Saw explained. “This includes monitoring the vital signs of our patients, as well as collecting and delivering items within the hospital, among other functions.

    “By taking this workload off our shoulders, it allows us to focus on providing better care for our patients.”

    Ms Saw expressed her joy at being involved in such exciting endeavours and emphasised that it is one of the aspects she appreciates most about being on the nursing innovation track.

    Nurse Sophia Saw (NUHS)

    “One of the things I enjoy most about being on the nursing innovation track at NUHS are the numerous opportunities I get to work on various projects,” Ms Saw mused. “I’m able to work with people from different departments, allowing me to see from different points of view.

    “And it’s getting more exciting now because while previously we just reviewed innovations in the market, we’re now building something for NUHS, allowing us to customise the technology to suit our specific needs.”

    An evolving profession

    Ms Saw’s responsibilities as a nurse innovator might be different to that of a traditional nurse, but she believes it is an example of how the profession has evolved over the years. 

    “In the past, sometimes the perception from the public is that nurses are just doing manual labour,” Ms Saw elaborated. “But I think modern nurses must be all-rounded people. We need to anticipate and adapt to future changes, so we can remain relevant and continue providing quality care.

    “Empowering nurses to be more confident in themselves, so they can think out of the box to try and make changes for the better will only benefit our patients.” 

    In consultation with Sophia Saw, Assistant Nurse Clinician, NUH

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